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Metastocktm Compatible Data for serious traders. The only claim we make is that dataHQ is value for money data. We know because we are traders, we know what features we need and they have been built into dataHQ.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Fully Featured
  • Value for Money
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"Approximately two years ago I changed from another data provider to dataHQ for my end-of-day ASX data. From the very start I realised what a superior product I was now in receipt of, the platform is so user friendly and simple to use, it is now a pleasure to move between sectors or even create customised lists of equities that suit my personal requirements. No longer do I have to delete unwanted or outdated instruments or search for stocks belonging to a particular sector, it is all done for me. I have recommended many of my colleagues change over to dataHQ and I have no hesitation in recommending what I consider to be a very professional service."

Dave C

Western Australia

Investors and traders need accurate and timely data to make investment decisions. dataHQ product not only provides users with such data but also provides key value-added information that traders need to make informed trading decisions.

dataHQ provides subscribers with market data in the following market groups:

  • Australian Stock Exchange,
  • Singapore Exchange,
  • AMEX,
  • OTC,
  • NYSE Exchanges and
  • Key World Indices

The data is specifically designed for use with MetaStocktm compatible database format software packages including MetaStocktm, Supercharts and Omnitrader, and any charting package that can read MetaStocktm compatible data.

dataHQ data is clean, fast and maintained by the download software, so third party data manipulation programs are not required to keep your data in shape, dataHQ does all this seamlessly.

dataHQ is organised, we don't just throw Equites, Warrants and ETO data into the same folder so you have to scan or chart 100's of securities your not interested in, we separate the data by data type, so the data is easy to work with and logically organised.

Our download program allows you to create custom folders, these are folders that contain securities of interest or securities of a particular market group. You can create our predefined custom folders, or you can tell dataHQ which securities you want in your custom folders.

Custom folders are easy to create and dataHQ will automatically update and maintain this data, all it takes is a few mouse clicks to use this helpful feature.

Need a program to backup your market data, well dataHQ has thought of that to. Its easy, one mouse click to backup your data, another to restore it. Yet another reason to rely on dataHQ.

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