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Tax Aspects Of The Purchase And Sale Of A Private Company's Shares

RRP $337.99

Tax Aspects of the Purchase and Sale of a Private Company's Shares ties together in one informative book the UK's ever-increasing legislation, case law, and extra-statutory material that tax advisers need to be aware of when purchasing and selling shares in private companies. Practical and user-friendly, the book provides the tax planning solutions that are found from a commercial and tax perspective in the UK, but also strikes a happy medium between the buyer's and the seller's expectations. This indispensable guide is essential reading for accountants, lawyers, tax practitioners, directors, shareholders, potential investors, corporate financiers, company secretaries, and all those professionals involved in tax, merger, and acquisition planning in the UK.

Suni Summers Shares A Story

RRP $13.99

Suni is a giver - plain and simple. After all, her parents always told her, "When you get, give." So she wants to share a story - 1,000 storybooks with the people in her community. Only she has a huge problem - the weather! Why can't the weather just cooperate and not ruin things? Suni has a brilliant plan and just two days to get the books that she needs. She recruits her family and best friends to help her share her love for books. Suni discovers that sharing isn't always as simple as it seems. Will Suni and her BFFs collect 1,000 books in time for 'give-away' day? Ages 6-10 *Includes a blueberry lemonade recipe!

Acquisition Of Shares In A Foreign Country : Substantive Law And Legal Opinions - Report Of The Subcommittee On Legal Opinions Of The Committee On Banking Law Of The Section Of Business Law Of The International Bar Association And The Committee On Business Organizations Of The Section On Business Law Of The International Bar Association

RRP $949.99

This new book contains a detailed analysis of the legal requirements in connection with the issuance and transfer of shares in a foreign country. The book discusses issues such as the mechanics of transfer, foreign stock ownership, registration and notification requirements, good faith acquisition of shares, transfer restrictions and lost or stolen shares under the laws of twenty-eight different countries. In addition, the book proposes - for each jurisdiction model - legal opinion language (and appropriate legal opinion backup) which counsel to the purchaser should request in order to protect his client. The book is a valuable tool for anyone who purchases a company or a stake in a company in a foreign country. Reports from the following countries are included: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, S. Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong, Scotland, U.S.A., Venezuela.


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