Through globalisation, free trade agreements, multi-national corporate expansion, population migrations, connectivity, tourism and the general natural growth we have come to enjoy, the world is connected economically and financially in complex and integrated ways. Events on the other side of the world can impact our daily lives, quickly and seemingly without warning. Staying across the financial news and understanding what is happening, can be complex and require expert skills itself.

For businesses seeking finance to purchase equipment and trucks to support growth and for consumers seeking loans for lifestyle purchases including cars, homes, boats and caravans, staying up to date with financial news can be challenging. But it is an important to know what’s happening in the finance sector to facilitate informed decision-making. We bring together a range of information, explainers and directors to assist business and consumers in sourcing cost-effective finance.


The Reserve Bank is a country’s central bank, the issuer of bank notes and the authority that regulates the official cash rate, that is, the interest rate. In Australia, it is known as the RBA – Reserve Bank of Australia.


2020 will go down in history as unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic caused devastation to health services and to populations and created havoc on financial markets and to entire economies. A global recession is widely accepted as unavoidable. With economic relief measures in place across the globe, as the pandemic eases, the conversation and debate turns to will the economy snap back. Will it be a V-shaped recovery or a long drawn-out depression?


With the purpose of creating international monetary stability, the IMF was formed in 1945 and currently has 189 member countries.


The purpose of the World Bank is to provide support the poorer countries of the world with loans and grants for capital projects


Home ownership is highly aspired to in Australia and at as a result, the lending market is highly competitive. We explain what’s on offer in home loans.


Living in an island nation, it’s not surprising that Australians love the water and love their boats. We reveal the secrets to getting a great boat loan


Many holiday plans were put into disarray as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. So more and more people are looking to caravanning and the chance to explore their own region, state and country. We explain how to get a great caravan finance deal.


Businesses need reliable pathways to securing finance for equipment in order to grow, expand and compete. Sourcing the best equipment finance deal at the cheapest interest rates can be critical to ROI. We explain how your business can achieve great equipment finance deals.


Truck and transport operators are under increasing pressure from customer scheduling demands, rising fuel costs and other operating expenses. Securing the cheapest truck loan to purchase a new truck is essential to continued success.

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